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Emma Dalton
Emma Dalton
10 months ago

Interesting research Rebecca! Around five years ago, I read somewhere that Japan is the only rich country where women are getting thinner (men are not). Perhaps this has changed more recently with the popularity of chubby actresses and comedians. What you discover might shed some light on to this odd – and slightly disturbing trend – of shrinking women.

Sophia Staite
Sophia Staite
9 months ago
Reply to  Emma Dalton

Hi Emma, I know you’re unlikely to remember the reference (^_^), but if you do happen to recall I would love to read it. My observation is that young men have become very much thinner, but the data I have been able to find is inconclusive because it is divided by decade of age, and I suspect men’s weight gain at the older end of their twenties may be masking extreme thinness during their late teens and very early twenties.
Please forgive the tangent!